KIRK COVINGTON feat Massimo Barrella and Mario Guarini

feat Massimo Barrella and Mario Guarini


Kirk Covington – vocals, drum
Mario Guarini – bass
Massimo Barrella – guitar

Kirk Covington is the drummer best-known for his work with the jazz fusion group Tribal Tech.
Born in Midland, Texas, he attended the highly-regarded University of North Texas College of Music where he met bassist Gary Willis, with whom he later joined Tribal Tech.
Covington has also performed or recorded with other noted musicians including Joe Zawinul, Robben Ford, Allan Holdsworth, Scott Henderson, and John Humphrey. Between 1998 and 2006 Covington toured with Scott Henderson and bass player John Humphrey as a trio. In 2003 they recorded Well To The Bone, as well as a live album in 2005. Covington continues to play with former Tribal Tech partner Scott Kinsey, is a member of the group VOLTO! where he also plays keyboards, and in 2008 formed his own trio, “CPT KIRK“, with keyboardist Scott Tibbs and bassist Rufus Philpot. Kirk Covington has become recognized as one of the most versatile and dynamic drummers in the world.

He is the “Wild Man From Texas” that jazz fusion audiences all over the world are talking about. His energy is infinite and his crowd pleasing personality and vocal ability have been a driving force in the success of the world renowned jazz fusion group Tribal Tech featuring guitarist Scott Henderson, bassist Gary Willis and keyboardist Scott Kinsey. Coming from a musical family in Midland, Texas, and being the youngest of five children, Kirk was encouraged to begin playing drums at age seven by his brother Kyle (who is now in demand as a guitarist in the Nashville scene). It was Covington’s strong keyboard and vocal abilities that secured steady work for him in the first critical months. “Singing was really an unintentional thing for me” says Covington. “I’ve always been able to use it for its work value, but more and more I’m able to enjoy it as another avenue of musical expression“. In the spring of 1991, the jazz fusion band Tribal Tech began a search for a new drummer. They needed a player whose technique was a flawless as their own: a visionary player who could help carry Tribal Tech into the next decade. The search ended with Willis’ old Texas friend Covington. Covington’s success in Tribal Tech has propelled him into the spotlight as the animated backbone of “Tribal” shows world wide.